Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another anniversary British Columbia . . .

On today's date, in 1871, BC became a full fledged province in the Dominion of Canada. No longer relegated to colonial status, the new province flourished and continues to do so today.

The Province of British Columbia Coat of Arms
In case anyone is confused, how could this be BC's 140th anniversary if we celebrated our 150th in 2008? The answer lies in history (sorry kids). In 1858, the British colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia amalgamated into the united colony of BC. Hence, 2008 was the sesquicentennial of that event. Then, in 1871, four years after Canada was founded, BC joined confederation. That was 140 years ago today.

Happy Anniversary (again)!

July 2010: antique car show on the grounds of the BC Legislature

The library wing of the BC Legislature

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