Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor darkness . . .

I love post office buildings.  Every hamlet, village, town and city has one.  Or, should I say, had one.  With the advent of the internet and conversion of postal services into corporations, the small town post office is on the decline.  Hopefully I am able to document as many of them as I can before they are all gone the way of the dodo.
Post Office
Oak Lake, MB
Built in 1930
In the 1870's the Canadian Pacific Company began to build a railroad from coast to coast. By autumn of 1881, the crew had reached Flat Creek in western Manitoba. They spent the winter there and in the spring moved the camp two miles west where they built a station and siding.

The townsite of Oak Lake was born. The name was borrowed from the lake located six miles southwest of the town and a post office opened in the local general store in 1884. The settlement was incorporated as a town on July 15, 1907.  The orignal post office required replacement following a fire and the current brick structure was completed in 1930.

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